Hugely anticipated PATTERN Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross (Founder and CEO) launched in the UK in June to a 360 campaign by Good Culture. Debuting online and now available in store with British beauty and health retailer Boots UK, the award winning hair care brand is designed to exceed the beauty needs of the curly, coily and tight-textured community. 

Good Culture ensured PATTERN launched in the UK with hyper visibility. Out of home campaigns were seen across London, including lighting projections across four key locations, at Brixton’s Black British Cultural Archives, in Soho, at Shoreditch High Street Station and in London Bridge in the foreground of The Shard, alongside digital billboards and targeted fly-postering. A series of in person events hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross included a community focus group at Soho House, a breakfast where Tracee demonstrated her wash day routine to the UK press, and VIP dinner launch event.